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Life is a journey; come enjoy the trip here and now!


Life is the path and One Brain helps you to walk this path freely and with more joy. This is thanks to the fact that it relieves the stress that prevents you from the realization of your new choices.


Mohendjodaro is a rejuvenating exercise that harmonizes the hormonal system, heals a weakened pelvic floor, renews your live strength, and connects you with yourself.


Yoga for women for every age. Strengthens the health, stretches the body, and contributes to well-being. Yoga for children with playful English. For preschool and school children.


This is a technique that brings deep relaxation to your body and mind with the use of essential oils from the company dōTERRA.


One Brain – Three in One Concepts

In today’s modern age our lives are made easier by a variety of conveniences while at the same time challenged by a host of stressors. Even though stress is as ancient as prehistoric times, today it is at a much higher level. The stressful situations that we experience occupy our mind and block the flow of energy in our body and very often also reflect on our physical well being.

Just try to imagine what would happen if the situations that cause the stress in your live, stop being stressful? What incredible benefits it would bring both mentally and physically. Some of the benefits would include more peace, satisfaction, balance, energy, creativity, success, more time to yourself, more joy and more intense perception of the beauties of the moment? If you wonder how it might be possible to achieve that level of peace and tranquility; the answer is that there exist many ways. But the first step is to stop, be aware of your stress, and make a conscious decision to be proactive and make necessary changes in your life.

You enter life as an original and unique beings; and since birth, you experience interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and colleagues that influence you and form your character. These relationships and influences take you further from your essence, and you soon forget who you are.

What is One Brain – Three in One Concept, and how does it work?

This is a very gentle and efficient kinesiology method that could help to solve the different kinds of problems that resulted from the negative emotional experience. It is interesting that these situations in our lives tend to repeat themselves, and we constantly ask ourselves why.

It is through One Brain that you are able to change the way you perceive these stressful situations and so to dissolve the emotional blockages. It is thanks to specific muscle tests that we are able to determine which blocked emotion has been manifested and at what age the blockage occured in your behavior. This becomes your unique way to react in moments when you have find yourself in similar situations. One Brain makes it possible for you to find an infinite range of the possibilities that work towards you feeling the way you wish to feel.

One Brain – Three in One Concepts is a specialized kinesilogy method under the international faculty „Three in One Concepts“ (integration of Body, Mind and Spirit). Among the founders of the system are Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside and Candace Callaway (more about on

The name One Brain is derived from the ideal functioning of the brain where the left and the right brain hemisphere are complementing mutually and cooperatively.

What to expect during your session

The session begins with an introductory discussion centered on the topic that is most important to you at that moment. The muscle test serves to identify the causes of the emotional stress and to determine the corrections necessary to relieve it and to induct the natural flow of the energy in the body that was blocked in as a result of the stress. Very often the blocked emotions have their roots in childhood. The end result of the session is the total relief on the body, on the mind and on the soul and the new choice to try to do things differently.

Even though we can’t change people or circumstances that surround us, we certainly can change our personal attitude as to how we cope with the stressors in our lives. We change our present and the future by the unlocking of the negative emotions from the past.

From experience I have learned that sessions with one brain helps to find solutions to the following common challenges:

Learning challenges – improvement in reading, writting, relief of fears from the school, from the stage fright
Challenges at work – increase your concentration and the work performance, calm management in stressful situations, increase self-confidence, improve communication
Development of personality – increase self-confidence, assume responsibility for your own life, relief of the fear from the solitude, of change, and new relation ships, increase spontaneity, improvement of communication in interpersonal relationships
Family and partner relationships – improve communication


Mohendjodaro – tantra-yoga and women´s meditations

Mohendjodaro is a rejuvenating exercise that harmonizes the hormonal system, heals a weakened pelvic floor and women´s organs, renews your live strength, and connects you with yourself.

Mohendjodaro is a complete holistic system for the transformation of a woman and for the development of her health, beauty, and talent. The founders of this method are Mudr. Monika Sičová and Ing. Igor Samotný,

Modern Mohendjodaro is the combination of modern therapeutic methods, the medical insight of the founder Monika, and of a ritual with its roots in an old Indian tradition.

Mohendjodaro uses the women´asanas (sacred body positions) and exercise, mystic ritual, women´s meditations, art expression, and experience programs.

I can be your guide on your path towards yourself, to the depths of your Inner woman, towards the discovery of your real needs, your passions, strengths, and joy, towards the revealing of your hidden secrets, towards the liberation from the negative experience. Guide on your experience path towards your inner freedom.

I am an instructor of the tantra-yoga for women Mohendjodaro which is the complete system of exercises and meditations. You will learn each asana as an exercise and then you will flow with asanas in the ritual. Every asana (body position) is connected with a certain aspect of a woman. The tantra-yoga discovers all those aspects in a woman and strengthens them. The body position by its form heals and rejuvenates a woman´s body and its bioresonance influences the certain woman´s quality and ability. The women´s meditations belong to the course also.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the course tantra-yoga Mohendjodaro, in health centre spaces – Starý Lískovec from the 23rd of February to the 25th of May 2023, from 18.00 to 20.30. In total there will be 10 classes. See more on:

I am a mentor of women´s meditations  Mohendjodaro. Experience with me 13 women´s meditations that develop the different aspects of a woman. And experience also 8 universal meditations.

Meditation Creative childhood helps to satisfy unaware needs from childhood. This technique supports the creativity and ability to discover new things, treats the dogmatic education and helps to develop the mind and the brain. It supports life and the art to play. It opens the ability to face any life situation.
Mediation Kind Acceptance opens the relationship towards yourself which is the most important relationship for everyone. The partnership can never be functional without the love of a person towards itself. The meditation opens the capability of the emotional manifestation and of self-acceptance without the self-destructive evaluation.
Meditation Immune strengthening promotes life strength and immunity. The meditation removes the charging psychical patterns. It helps to strengthen the confidence towards the self-healing abilities of the organism.
Meditation Art to break through removes the fear of the existence incertitude, promotes the ability to break through by means of the psychical strength of the interior man and at the same time of the interior woman. The meditation teaches to not let us be discouraged by our own mistakes and to count with them as natural part of ourselves.
Meditation Opening of the intimacy deprogram the sexual suppression and the fear from the closeness and the intimacy. It heals the stiff body that is under the influence of the different emotional wounds. It opens the relationship towards yourself and the sexuality and sexual manifestations as towards something human and natural. It wakes up the authenticity and the innocence.
Meditation Order in life heals the chaos and the uncertainty in life and brings natural order and calm. It brings to life the joy from a clean interior and exterior space from the psychical and emotional loads. It eliminates the emphasis on the past and its destructive influence on the present and opens the way towards the future and new choices.
Meditation Open Divinity works great against workaholism and excessive hurry. It also heals the suppressed or overflowing ego. Meditation teaches us to win without fighting by the simple devotion which gives to the woman interior liberty. It teaches to the wise woman the art to distinguish when it is convenient to do not fight and when on the contrary to have strength for the fight that is important and necessary. By devotion, we gain the rest and the depth for the art of winning.
Meditation Conscious being is the essence of all meditations, it is a calm technique resonating deeply in the subconscious and unconscious. The being comes from simplicity and the vacancy. To the cup that is full, it is not possible to pour anything new and the vacancy in it can receive new things.
Meditation Happy Maternity is the deep rest found in the maternal woman aspect that supports the conscious conception, harmonious pregnancy and childbirth, and the rooted relationship with the child. It opens the natural woman´s creativity and the ability to create and to take care of her work, child, or family.
Those meditations work with deep women´s animal archetypes that support the different aspects of a woman.
Moon womb is the gentlest meditation. The full moon meditation. It is the essence of the femininity. It awakens by the gentle way three states that a woman needs so that she can understand herself and so that she is able to create her world by her woman´s way. Which are the Instinct, the Intuition and the Intimacy.

The women´s meditation is for everyone except

  • For those who have an acute medical problem (such as: cold, influenza, after an injury, or an infection of any type)
  • In case of acute or long-term psychical trouble a consultation with me prior to participating would be recommended. Please note that meditation isn’t always convenient and does not replace therapy
  • If you suffer with heart disease and or high blood pressure, no active meditation is suitable. If you can participate in calm meditation, a consultation would be recommended prior to starting. It is important that I know in advance of those restrictions
  • Those under the influence of any alcohol or narcotics will be denied entry to meditation
  • Those younger than 15 will need parent´s permission
  • In case of pregnancy please inform me prior to starting a meditation


4-day wellness retreat at Lipové-lázně in Jeseníky from the 25th to 28th of April 2024
Spring wellness retreat for women

Find the time for yourself and come to enjoy the pampering of yourself in Jeseníky

Dance 🌸 Massages 🌸 Yoga 🌸 Meditation
Making of the home-made cosmetics 🌸 Essential oils
Cocoa ritual

Price: 4 750,- czk (including the program, accommodation and vegetarian demi-pension)

Everything in the meditation center at Lázně Lipová, comes from the beautiful region of Jeseník which is surrounded by virgin nature. And getting there is easy via transportation accessibility:

Learn more:

yoga for women, yoga for children

Yoga means „merge, unify“. Yoga exercises work as a whole to harmonize your body, mind, and soul. During yoga exercises it is important to stop your mind; and this is why at the beginning of a session we first focus on its calming effect, and we attune to our selves. Exercises which are designed for your individual needs focus on stretching your entire body. We do the exercises in-tune with our breath which causes the deepening of the respiration and the stimulation of the blood circulation. In the end we focus on relaxing. The regular yoga exercises increases the mobility of your spine, supports activity of the senses, improves digestion, eliminates toxins, improves your concentration, purifies your nervous circuits, strengthens your immune system, elevates your energy levels.

Regular yoga in small groups at Poliklinika in Starý Lískovec, U Pošty 14, 625 00 Brno

  • Tuesdays: 17:00 – 18:15
  • Wednesdays: 8:30 – 9:45 ‘
  • Second semester: 15 lessons from 5.3.2024 to 11.6.2024, price: 3 000,- czk
  • New project: Hrajeme si u maminky – exercises for mums and kids, ages: 2 to 5

Course tantra-yoga Mohendjodaro, Brno – Bystrc, from October 2023 to March 2024

Yoga for children with playful English

  • Mondays 15:00 – 16:00, gym, elementary school ZŠ Svážná, Brno-Nový Lískovec
  • Second semester: 14 lessons, from 4.3.2024 to 10.6.2024, price: 1 750,- czk
  • Wednesdays 15:00 – 16:00, gym, elementary school ZŠ Heyrovského, Brno-Bystrc
  • Thursdays 15:00 – 15:45, MŠ Vážka (kindergarten), place Svážná, Brno-Nový Lískovec
  • Second semester: 13 lessons, from 14.3.2024 to 13.6.2024, price: 1 365,- czk
  • Tuesdays 15:30 – 16:15, MŠ Maxík (kindergarten), Nad Dědinou, Brno-Bystrc
  • Second semester: 13 lessons, from 5.3.2024 to 28.5.2024, price: 1 365,- czk
  • Tuesdays 14.15 – 15:00, MŠ Pramínek (kindergarten), Číhadla, Brno-Bystrc

Camp Yoga for children with playful English from 15th to the 19th of July 2024
Where: ZŠ Svážná. Price: 3 990,- czk (including the snack and the lunch)

AromaTouch technique

AromaTouch is a technique that brings your body and mind deep and long-term effects. Selected essential oils are applied to the client’s back and feet. AromaTouch Technique uses CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from the company dōTERRA. Each batch of essential oils goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets strict standards of quality. AromaTouch technique increases the effects of the essential oils.

This technique was put together by Dr. Hill who is experienced and recognized as an expert in the domain of the aromatherapy. Dr. Hill joined the knowledge of the west along with eastern medicine to maximize the influence of essential oils.

The oils which are used for AromaTouch technique

  • Balance
  • Lavender
  • Melaleuca
  • On Guard
  • AromaTouch
  • DeepBlue
  • Wild Orange
  • Peppermint

Main benefits and effects of AromaTouch technique

  • releases stress
  • strengthens our immune system – reduces the toxic load on our organism (viruses, bacterias)
  • reduces inflammation in the body
  • restores the balance of the autonomous nervous system



Už při prvním setkání se Silvií jsem měla pocit jistoty,který mi v životě často chyběl. Její krásné dlaně mi vždy předali spoustu energie.Je to křehká víla,která je přitom velmi silná a pevná jako skála!Je to naprosto vyrovnaná duše,která umí vždy pochopit a pomoci!! Takto Silvii vnímám já.
Andrea, 45, Brno

Aktívna meditácia bola pre mňa donedávna neznámy pojem, preto som pred prvým stretnutím s týmto druhom meditácie vôbec netušila, do čoho idem. Praktikujem yógu, takže som poznala iba klasickú “statickú” meditáciu. Zatiaľ čo pri tej klasickej prichádza uvoľnenie, až mi to hlava dovolí, aktívna sa nepýta a doslova vyženie všetky emócie z mysli aj z tela. Už dávno som sa necítila tak spontánne a vyrovnane. Zažila som niekoľko po sebe nasledujúcich “wow” momentov a zároveň to bolo celé veľmi prirodzené a nenásilné. Aktívnu meditáciu by som doporučila každému, kto hľadá uvoľnenie a zdravý pohyb bez predpísaných póz.
Oli, 37, Brno

about me

Born in Novy Jicin, in the beautiful Beskyd´s region, I was driven to Brno to pursue my passion for the French language. It was in Brno that I studied both French and Russian at the philosophical faculty of Masaryk´s university. I have taught in language schools, did some translating as well as professional interpretations, and worked as a guide. I have always been passionate and enjoyed the task of penetrating the secrets of foreign languages. Over time I concluded that even thought I speak five languages; it is insignificant compared to what one can express with the heart.

From the time I was a child I have always wanted to help people. I was always curious as to how thoughts and linked emotions can influence our physical and psychological health. I also wondered how we might be able to actually influence what is happening in our lives. After all: „The thought precedes the form.“ 30 years ago, I discovered the method of Jose Silva „Control of consciousness“. Later I learned that without acceptance of myself and self-love I cannot love others and help them.

Even though I did not study psychology, many years later in 2011, when my existence was most painful, my life current drove me towards the kinesiology method One Brain Three in One Concepts. This revolutionary method helped me both psychically and physiologically as I journeyed through difficult life lessons including divorce, basting, and health problems.

Enthusiastic about its efficacy I started to study the kinesiology method One Brain, 3 in 1 Concepts in 2012. My understanding of the connection between the mind and the body was guided through the path of the experience from indignation to acceptance, from anger to peace, from resentment to interest in my-self, and from separation to oneness. After many years of study, I became a facilitator consultant of One Brain.

I am grateful that via this method I have been able to help so many in relieving the stress related to a variety of different situations and to be their guide on their journey to reach new and exciting choices in their lives.

Yoga has also been a constant in my life since 1999, and over the course of the past 12 years, in the rainforest of Costa Rica, I have introduced individuals from many parts of the world to the magic of this ancient discipline. In the Czech Republic I have worked as yoga instructor since 2019 and taught courses for future Yoga Instructors. My work with kids has been very fulfilling for me. I do yoga for kids in several elementary schools with an audience consisting of younger pupils. And since 2022 in the kindergartens also.

5 years ago,in 2018, Mohendjodaro came into my life– Tantra yoga that connected with me deeply. In 2020 I became a Mentor of women´s meditations Mohendjodaro. These simple and kind techniques of connecting our body, mind and soul are the basis of the personal development of woman and takes care of the woman´s soul and renewing the woman´s energy, vitality, and beauty. In 2022 I became also an Instructor of the tantra-yoga for women.

I have loved dancing my whole life. I love its spontaneity, expression, and liberty. I love to fly. It is wonderful that the spontaneous dance is the part of all women´s meditations. And so I danced towards my own essence…. I can be myself, relief emotions, dance, sing and create. It brings into my life more kindness, a sense of relaxedness, joy and creativity, that manifests itself in relationships; it even brings me closers to my husband and my adolescent daughter Sophie. The edges round and the free flow is supported.

Feeling life with all my senses. By essences towards your own essence. With the pure essential oils we can impact all the physical and emotional welfare.

I am grateful to be able to be your guide on your way towards the knowledge of yourself, towards your essence, towards your new choices. Choose the way that is closest to you and i would be honored to be your guide. Here and now. So that you can enjoy the present moment fully, relaxed, happily, and joyfully, and with your whole unique unrepeatable life. With love. Silvie

My motto in my life has always been ” God, give me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things that I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference between what I can and cannot change”. (The prayer of the Francisco from Assisi). I believe that wisdom is based on intuition, and that the recognition ability (vivéka) helps us to get genuine insight in order to make the right decisions when our mind is calm, attuned and looking to your heart. The right time matures individually, at the different time for everyone. What is not possible today, could be possible tomorrow.